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July - December 2020 


1. Effect of Resilience on Ill-Health Status and Subjective Well-Being: 01-09 Pages

      -Shashi Prabha Kashyap, Sandeep Kumar

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 2.Communication satisfaction, psychological well-being and job involvement at workplace:9-18 Pages

       -Nilesh Thakre, Aranya Banerjee

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 3.Academic procrastination among college students: Role of nature of course, gender and academic year: 19-27 Pages

     -M. Varalakshmi, B.S. Kumar Reddy

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 4. Facebook and WhatsApp addiction among adolescent girls and boys: 28-36 Pages

      -Goggi Srikanth , Saroj Arya , Gaurav Thapliyal

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 5. Effect of PMR in enhancing positive emotion amongst diabetics: 37-45 Pages

     -Mohini, Promila Batra

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 6. Mental well-being evaluation and performance and: A Review: 46-54 Pages

     - K. Chandraiah

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 7Prevalence of adolescent pregnancy, induced abortion and its consequences in South India - An Exploratory Study: 55-63 Pages

     -Sripriya Shaji, Saravanamurthy PS, Pushparani K, Renuka R, Milli M, Amit C, Lalitha PA

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 8. Stress among Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Personnel - A comprehensive assessment and action plan: 64-72 Pages

     -GV Prabhu, Sruthi Bommareddy

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 9. Psychology Students’ Perception of Stress, Social Problems and Mental Health Issues Related to Covid-19: A Qualitative Exploration: 73-80 Pages

     -Madhurima Banerjee,  Jayanti Basu

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  • Cognitive areas
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  • Physiological areas
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