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January - June 2018



1.  Influence of recreational sports as a coping mechanism for stress on corporate

     workers: 1-5 Pages

     -Samiksha Suraiya, Sarah Sousa, Sherly Fernandes and Golda Vas

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2.  Stress among students: a study of coaching centers in kota, Rajasthan: 6-11 Pages

     - Sujata Sriram, Nikhar Ranawat, Chetna Duggal

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3.  Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Role Stress Testing the Mediatory Role of

      Organizational Commitment and Attitude to Change : 12-18 Pages

     -Deepa Mohan and N Sudarsan

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4.  Time Structure Management and Quality Of Life among College Students  :19-24 Pages

     -Aakriti Wadhwa, Maitri Prasun, and Pratima Kaushik

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5.  Neuro-linguistic programming for stress management: 25-30 Pages

     -Pummy  sheoran

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6.  Stress indicators among college students: a correlational study of family environment

     and  drinking temptation: 31-35 Pages

     -Jui Pimple, Ritu Sharma and Sairaj M. Patki   

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7.  Emotional intelligence and stress in working male and female students-

     a comparative study: 36-41 Pages

     -Jahnavi gala.

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8.  Savoring and couples’ wellbeing : 42-46 Pages

     -Unman Singh and Akanksha Tripathi

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9.  A study of hope, social support and coping among female cancer patients : 47-51Pages

     -Tripti Jaiswal and Neha Pandeya

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10.  Psycho-social problems among school children: 52-57Pages

       -Ramitha B E and Manjula Patil

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11.  A study of level of stress and anxiety among 1st year and 4th year engineering

       students in Kanpur city: 58-61Pages


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12.  Stress in Friendships and Intimate Relationships : 62-65 Pages

      -Gupta Shubham, Tiwari Priyanka

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13.  An Association between Stress, Lack of Sleep and Performance at an Organizational

       Level a Critical Review   : 66-70 Pages

      -Roma Prabhudessai, Eshani Bakhle, Jumana Khan and Barbara Da silva

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  • Therapies
  • Occupation
  • Health
  • Education
  • Family & Relationship:
  • Assessments
  • Interventions
  • Cognitive areas
  • Emotional areas
  • Neuronal areas
  • Physiological areas
  • Social areas
  • Organizational areas  
  • Research articles
  • Review articles
  • Case studies
  • Brief reports
  • Book reviews  
  • Editorials, etc.

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