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January - June 2017


1.  Gender Sensitivity in Workplace Stress- Literature Review and Research

     Agenda1-7 Pages


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2.  Parenting related Stress in Parents of Preschool Children:  8-11 Pages

     -Asha Menon

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3.  Effect of Workaholism on Productivity and Mental Health among

     Professionals12-15 Pages

     -Aswathi Prasad, Lins Mary Samuel , Ain Mary V.J

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4.  The Effect of Stress on Students’ Performance: 16-21 Pages

     -Harshana B. Uchil.

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5.  Relation between Stressful Life Situation, Cognitive Impairment and Depression in a

     Geriatric Population: 22-29 Pages

    -Jyoti M. Jacob, Adishta R. Bhardwaj, AarohiKhar

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6.   Students and Maladjustments:  An Empirical Study on Bullying with reference to

      Teenagers and Youngsters: 30-36 Pages

      -Sripada Ramakrishna

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7.  Healthy Class Environment in Higher Education as  Stress Buster: 37- 41 Pages


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8.  An Impact of use of E-Gadgets on Aggressive Behaviour of Adolescent

     Children: 42-46 Pages

    -Mamatha.S.L., Vijayalaxmi A. Aminabhavi

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9.  A Study of Occupational Stress among Special Educators in the

     State of Goa: 47-53 Pages

     -Madhura Joshi,  Sumana B.G,   DharitriRamaprasad

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10.  Rethinking about ‘Stress Management’, in spiritual paradigm – with a special

       reference to Bhagavad Gita Philosophy:  54-64 Pages

      -Suchitra A Naik

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11.  Measuring impact of personality traits on level of work stress among

       employees:   65-71 Pages

      -Ushma Desa ,KiranPandya

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January - June 2017(Suppl. 1)


1.  Age and Stress Reactivity -Relationship Revisited: 1-7 Pages

    - Shamima Haque 

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2.   Suicides in Teens and Young Adults -A Case Study Perspective: 8-14 Pages

      Zeal Parekh ,MansiThakkar

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3.  Stress Management and Life Skills: A study among the School going

      Adolescents: 15-21 Pages

     -Daisy P.J

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4.    Burnout and Job Satisfaction  among School Teachers and Special

      Educators: 22-26 Pages

     - BhavnaUba

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5.   Stress Coping Strategies adopted by Doctors -A Review: 27-35 Pages

     - M Amaravathi

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6.   Behavioral Response of Birds in Stress with Emphasis on Globally Important

      Species  GreenAvadavat (Amandava Formosa): 36-40 Pages

      -Satya PrakashMehra,  SaritaMehra

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7.  Learned Optimism as a Coping Strategy for Male and Female Rape

      Victims: 41-46 Pages

     - Ahil.N,  lincyBenny.B

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8.  Money over Mind: Overview of Stress Issues in Retail Investors: 47-50 Pages

     -Makarand. S. Wazal, Sudesh Kumar Sharma

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9.  A Study of Stress and Depression of Farmers in Karnataka State: 51-55 Pages

    - Lokanath S. Puthanikar,  Vijayalaxmi  A. Aminabhavi

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10.  Role of Anxiety  on Cognitive Functions in College Students- an Update: 56-61 Pages

       -Sana Mohamed Abasher Haj Ali, Maha Abdul-Moniem Mohammed El-Amin

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11.  Exploring Brief Meditation Intervention as De-stressing Tool in Undergraduate

      Students: 62-68 Pages

     -Rashmi Mukherjee,  AurobindaRoutray,  RajlakshmiGuha,  PriyadarshiPatnaik

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 12.  Reforms through Stress Management in Prison Inmates of Rajasthan (India)  69-77

       -Girdhari Lal Garg,  Pratima Gupta,  Rajeev Jain,  SaritaMehra,  Satya P.Mehra

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