July - December 2016


1. Counselling in the corporate sector: 1- 10 Pages

-Sujata Sriram.
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2. Perceived stress and job burnout among academic faculty: 11-15 pages

Dr. Asha Menon

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3.‘Presenteeism’ – Causes and its impact on workplace well-being:16 - 20 Pages


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4. Stress amongst the teachers in mba institutes under university of pune: 21-26 pages

-Ashutosh Missal, Kirti Dang 

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5. Stress Management at ICICI Manipal Academy: 27-33 pages

Kabita Sahu

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6. Work Place Stress as a barrier to Employee Engagement: 34-38 pages

Samriddhi Jai, Dr. Priti Hingorani

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7. Parental monitoring – a protective element for adolescents: 39-43 pages

-Malathi Pandian, Nilaimattu Anand

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8.Effect of Tratak in Management of Stress among College Students: 44-47 pages

Dr.Punam Rani Shukla

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9.Effect of Progressive  Muscle Relaxation on Stress Among

Nursing Students: 48-54 pages

- Greety Antony Praveen, Vidya SatyanarayananNisha C. K

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10.Impact of Stress on Age and Job Level Among Industrial Employees : 55-59 pages

J. Vijay Rao, K. Chandraiah, J.L Pravalika.   

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 11. Impact  of  e-gadgets  on  behavior  among adolescents : 60 pages

Mrs.  Mamatha.S.L.,  Dr.Vijayalaxmi  .A.  Aminabhavi  

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January - June 2016


1. Stress Safety Net for Organisations: 1- 6 Pages
-Udaya Kumar Reddy B., Rajender Singh M.
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2. Internet Overuse as an Addictive Disorder or a Compulsion: An Exploratory Study: 7-10 pages
- Shah Darshna S., Biswas,Urmi Nanda
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3. A thought paper on Scientific Management of Combat Stresses in modern day battlefield environment: 11-16 Pages
-Ganesan Muthukumar
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4. Impact of Demographic Factors on Father-Child Relationship of Goan Adolescents: 17-21 Pages
-Freda Cota e Pereira
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5.Impact of Psychological Stress on Expatriate Work Performance: 30-45 Pages
-P. R. Prasanna Rekha, B. Mohan Kumar
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6. Ladder to stress resilience: 46-50 Pages
-J. Rama Chandrudu
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7. Managing the Cross-functional and Cross-cultural Stresses in the Business Organisations: 51-57       Pages
-DamarajuSubba Rao, Dr.PushpenderYadav
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8. Stress Management: An Interventional Study among Textile Employees: 58-65 Pages
-Kiransinh N. Rajput, Ms Pinky Shukla
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9. Breast Cancers as a Stress Factor in Women Sexuality: 66-70 Pages
-Sana Mohamed Abasher Haj Ali
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July - December 2015

1.Work Life Balance(WLB) and Organisational Role Stress(ORS) among women employees – A study in Information Technology (IT) Industry in Chennai: 1- 13 Pages
-J. Latha and G. Balakrishnan.
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2. Anxiety, Depression and Stress in parents of Children with communication and behavioural disorders: 14-18 pages
- Shanthi Kannan, V. Chandramohan and Ramesh Kannan.S
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3. The Stress Epidemic at Work:19 - 24 Pages
-Dr. G. Subbaraju
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4.Burnout, Occupational Stress and Organisational commitment among Police personnel: 25-35 pages
-Ritu and Madhu Anand 
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5.The influence of Perception on Employee’s Behaviour: 36-40 pages
A. Bharatha Lakshmi
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6.Strengthening and Promoting Self-Esteem and Emotional Maturity of Goan Adolescents Through Psychological Interventions: 41-47 pages
Freda Cota e Pereira and Vijayalaxmi A.Aminabhavi
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7.Work Life Balance in changing global environment : 55-60 pages
Chandraiah kotta.
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8.Experiencing Organizational Stress as an effect of Perceived Illegitimate Task at the Workplace: 55-64 pages
- Urmi Nanda Biswas, Richa Lodha and Shubhangini Singh
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9.Efficacy of Counseling in reducing stress among engineering students: 65-70 pages
- Rita Bhattacharjee
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10.Effect of Family Structure on Attachment and Health Concerns of Adolescents: 71-79 pages
- Ritu and Madhu Anand
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January - June 2015


-Goverdhan Rao.S.,Udaya Kumar Reddy.
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2. Stress audit and workplace interventions for stress endurance and productivity of an organization– a systems approach: 20-27 pages
Udaya Kumar Reddy , Kumar Sai Sailesh and Harshavardhan Reddy
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3. Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Positive Psychological Capital of employees:28 - 34 Pages
-Kaveri Chauhan, Nov Rattan Sharma and Sushma Sharma
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4.Occupational stress, mental health and coping among employees of an industrial organization: 35-39 pages
-J. Vijay Rao, K. Chandraiah and J.L.Pravalika
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5.Impact of integrated counseling on reducing anxiety and improving parent child relationship among Goan Adolescents: 40-48 pages
- Freda Cota e Pereira and Vijayalaxmi A. Aminabhavi
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6.Effect of Structured training programme (STP) to inculcate coping skills among nursing students: 49-54 pages
- Blessy Antony, M.K.Acharya and Usha Ukande
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7.Self-esteem and stress in college students: 55-60 pages
- Veena Nandagiri and Geeta Parawati.
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8.Early adolescents perception on response to personal stress: 61-64 pages
- Asha Menon 
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9.Managing organizational stress – impact of physical activities and psychological intervention: 65-71pages
- Rana Bandyopadhyay 
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10.A novel method to combat stress by modulating platelet serotonin level by medicines: 72-78 pages
- Devasis Ghosh
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11. Catholic reconciliation as a process of resolving contemporary stressful work place concerns: 78-84 pages
- Anna Dean
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July - December 2014

1.Effect of computer use at workplace on risk of Musculoskeletal disorders: 1- 10 Pages

-Nazish Rahman
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2.Comparative efficacy of stress inoculation training and Mindfulness based stress reduction program on Psychological distress factors and type-A-behavior pattern in CHD patients: 11 - 28 Pages
-Dharmender Kumar Nehra, Nov Rattan Sharma and Sheetal Nehra.
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3.Effect of eye relaxation practices on the level of visual acuity of respondents with different Visual Ailments: 29 - 34 Pages

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4.Investigation of stress coping strategies in Software Professionals:35-40 Pages

-B. Prathyusha, Ch. S. Durgaprasad and P. Sudhir Reddy.
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5. Marital stress and its impact- A case studyt.: 41 - 43 Pages

- Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan.
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6.Occupational stress as a function of career status of couples and Morningness-Eveningness preference: 44 - 50 Pages

- Swati Mishra and B. Hasan.
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7.Post-traumatic stress among Disaster Workers : implications for stress management at organisational level.: 51 - 58 Pages

-Sujata Satapathy.
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8.Occupational pressure management among employees.: 59 - 63 Pages

 -J. Vijaya Rao and K. Chandraiah.
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9.Role of emotional intelligence in Managing the Stress. : 64 - 71 Pages

- Uma Devi.
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10. The impact of stress on Call-centre employees with reference to select BPOs :72 - 81 Pages

-N. Hema Latha and Y. Jahangir
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January - June 2014


1. A Study Of Anxiety And Suicide Ideation Among Students: 1- 9 Pages 

-Priyanka Kumari, Pushpa Sharma and Nov Rattan Sharma.
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2. Physiological treatment for stress induced stroke by controlled vestibular stimulation- A Hypothesis.: 10 - 14 Pages
-Kumar Sai Sailesh and Mukkadan J K.
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3. Organization Management Control and Perceptions of Stress: A comparative study among Public, 4. Private and Entrepreneurial Firm employees: 15 - 21 Pages 

-A. Velayudhan and S. Srividya
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4. Stress and Coping styles among it Professionals.: 22 - 25 Pages
-J.Vijay Rao and K. Chandraiah.
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5. Does Perceived Illegitimate Task is a stressor in Indian Context: A Study of DiCerent Sectors in Gujarat.: 26 - 33 Pages
- Urmi Nanda Biswas and Kiransingh Rajput.
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6. De-stressing the distressed brain: ECectiveness of alpha theta Neuro feedback Training in traumatic brain inury.: 34 - 38 Pages
- C.N. Bennett, Jamuna R., S. Sampath, R Christopher and K. Thennarasu.
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7. Depression in professional and non-professional students.: 39 - 41 Pages
-B. Ravidra, V.Lazar and K.Lalitha.
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8.Concepts & strategies of Stress Management in Patanjali Yoga Sutras.: 42 - 49 Pages
 -B.Udaya Kumar Reddy and Harsha Vardhan Reddy S.
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9.Study of Life Stress and Well-being among Adults. : 49 - 54 Pages
- Mamta, Nov Rattan Sharma and Swati Singh.
[Abstract]  [Download Full Document]

10. Stress Management: Spiritual strategies. : 54 - 63 Pages
-K Akbar Husain
[Abstract]  [Download Full Document]

11. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Stress Management on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Patient: A case study.: 63 - 68 Pages
- K. Niranjan Reddy
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July - December 2013

1- A balance of stress, pain and sleep by controlled vestibular stimulation. : 1 – 6 Pages

- Kumar sai sailesh and Mukadan J k.
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2-Effectiveness of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy among anxiety patients. : 7 – 16 Pages

- Sini Punnoose, Blessy Antony and Anila Gangarde
[Abstract] [Download Full Document]

3-Development and validation of academic stress questionnaire (ASQ) for Indian population. : 17 – 23 Pages

- Mr.Dan Isaac Pothiyil, Dr.Johnson Alex, Dr.Asha Kamath and Ms. Preethi PK

[Abstract ] [Download Full Document]

4-Family environment as a correlate of Physical Health of Children. : 24 – 36 Pages

-Shweta Sharma
[Abstract] [Download Full Dcument]

5-Stress : Working women perspective. : 37 – 39 Pages

Swathi Vemuri Test Anxiety :
[Abstract] [Download Full Document]

6-A Study of Mizo adolescents. : 40 – 46 Pages

- Zoengpari and Varky, M.T.
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7-Effect of Stress caused by "Noise" can be ontrolled with Ayurvedic Shirodhara & Relaxation Methods. : 47 - 50 Pages

-Bharati Gidwani
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8-Occupational Stress of Males and Female Professionals. : 51 – 57 Pages

-Suneetharani P and Vijayalaxmi A Aminbhavi
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9-Depression and Suicide Ideation among Medical Students. : 58 – 66 Pages

-Priyanka Kumari and Nov Rattan Sharma
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10-Handling academic stress using religiou s coping methods:A thematicanalysis on students of Business Management in India. : 67 – 82 Pages

- Prageetha Raju
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  • Cognitive areas
  • Emotional areas
  • Neuronal areas
  • Physiological areas
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